Dunja Polovina is the founder and CEO of Dunja Polo Communications and communication specialist with a decade-long experience in the marketing, corporate relations and media. She is a brand of her own. 

Dunja was born and grew up in Vrsac, Serbia. However, throughout her education she lived in the US and Spain, where she learned to master the ideal balance between emotional intelligence, communication skills and business behaviour. 

Dunja is a brand strategist and business coach helping leaders showcase their talent in the business market.

Throughout the years of education and professional engagements abroad, she acquired valuable contacts in the media and the public sector, connecting with various organizations operating in Serbia and beyond. Dunja supplements her strategic approach with thorough market and competitive analyses, understanding the needs and anticipating the expectations of precisely defined target groups.

She relentlessly fosters self-improvement in the domains of PR, GR, marketing, and branding — a practice she also supports and nurtures in her team. 


Nina Stojanovic



She showed her love and affinity for her industry by graduating from the

Faculty of Culture and  Media majoring in public relations.

Her previous business experience and knowledge were an excellent link

to decide to start her career in marketing at the best place – Dunja Polo

Communications. Nina demonstrated excellent verbal and organizationall

skills. With her professional approach in work, clear goal setting, problem

solving, ability to work in a team and manage it, she fit perfectly into our

Polo team, as our Marketing Manager. A pleasant approach is something you

can  always expect at the door of our office and Nina will welcome you with

 a wide smile.

“The most important thing is to listen carefully to the client needs in order

to provide the best  solution possible.”

Marija Miletic


Marija’s path to the digital world began as a hobby exactly 8 years ago. She is

graduated economist, however her online communication skills initiated her

to further explore and finally start her career in the field of social media advertising.

The social media expert is position that requires a lot of creativity in order to do it  you have to

send the right message through visual and textual messages. She says that

the most challenging part of her work is to be able to understand clients’

needs, values and beliefs in order to be able to conduct the right message online.

She shows her desire for progress through following trends on social networks,

direct communciation with client’s and audience on social networks.

Marija is a team player, because as she claims – teamwork is the key to the

success of any project. Qualities such as professionalism, originality and dedication to

work fit her perfectly into the Polocomm team.

She thinks that emotions are the key to successful campaigns on social  networks. 

“We are not control freaks, but we manage your accounts”.

Dusan Vrucinic
The specificity of his professional profile is reflected in the combination of two seemingly opposite fields and professionals – applied art (design) and social science (management and marketing). Dušan’s overall practical experience has given him the opportunity to gain insight into the entire process of strategic planning, from an idea to realization, which gave him a great advantage coming up with creative solutions in various industries and business environment. He ‘s been taken different types of projects, including adverts, branding, publicity materials, magazine motion graphic design and wordpress. Dusan is responsible and cooperative graphic designer. Give him an idea, or a goal you want to meet with a product, and you can be sure he come up with some crafting visually appealing. Matching values and vast experience make Dusan a vital component of our company.

Igor Djordjic


He is political scientist by profession, but that only gives him the green light to

be differently opinionated around friends, and to have justification for endless

philosophy about various social topics. His interest in marketing led him to a

much calmer and more creative side of life,  and when he realized that his work

completely fulfills him and that he loves what he does, he decided that marketing

industry would be his life career. Previous work experience and education were an

excellent link to step up and continue his learnings as content and art manager at

Dunja Polo Communications. He fulfills his everyday tasks as a Content Manager

and enjoys creating  and conducting visual and content strategies for clients

through graphic design, online and offline. His passion for website design

grew with his days in the agency, as he became better and better at it.

He fits just well with the Polo Comm Team because he shares the belief that

“nothing can be done half-heartedly, but concisely and finished to the end.”

Some fall in love with him immediately, while others realize his benevolent

nature over time.

Finally, Igor stands for a person that is loyal, reliable, warm-hearted and

responsible, which makes him a perfect match for the agency.

Vasil Hadji Jordanov



Vasil is a long time Technology Industry Expert. He has knowledge in the field

of developing and deploying intelligent business solutions for small to

medium size businesses. 

He successfully provides turn-key IT solutions ranging from virtualization,

private cloud, ongoing security and business continuity planning and execution. 

With over thirty years of industry experience and proven track record of succesfully

executed projects, Vasil handles day to day tech operations of several US based

businesses, including but not limited to 24/7 helpdesk, Azure, Sharepoint, 0365, 

WordPress, Tier 1 cloud based infrastructure etc. Vasil also teaches a portfolio of

business and technology related courses at several US based universities.

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