Verbal and non-verbal communication

The power of Words

Verbal communication is anything that relates to human language. At first sight, we believe that human language are the verb, the voice, the intonation, the pronunciation of words or sentences, and a specific vocabulary expressed either orally or in writing. This language also includes signs or coded information, depending on the situation.

These different forms of verbal communication allow two individuals or a group of people to communicate, listen to each other and understand each other. It can be communicated in a personal and professional context. 

What is non-verbal communication?

Non-verbal communication refers to how beings convey information about their emotions, needs, intentions, attitudes, and thoughts without using verbal language. Non-verbal language includes general behaviour, postures, mimics, tics or grimaces, facial expressions, space-usage, colours we wear, or attitudes. Many signals are sent out consciously or unconsciously by one person and felt by another. This is what makes difference in the decision-making process, during or after the office hours.

For instance, it is the eye-contact and body posture when we talk about corporate behaviours. 

The 3V rule in communication

The 3V rule established in the research conducted by Professor Albert Mehrabian concludes that 93% of communication is non-verbal, so we cannot underestimate the importance of this form of communication.

This research shows that:

  • 38% is vocal (based on intonation and sound of voice)
  • 55% is visual and based on facial expressions and body language

The Power of Posture

With 93% of communication being weighted by non-verbal, it is important to learn how to deconstruct non-verbal communication to communicate effectively.

 In both personal and professional environments, some people project a more positive image that makes us want to get to know them better and work with them in a team.

How do you build affinities through non-verbal communication?

We would be proud and excited to work with you 1:1 or in a group, and help you master your verbal and non-verbal skills in order to be in command of your strategy. The world is in rapid development, and we assure you that you need to master your communication intelligence, and become a master storyteller. We help you overcome the internal obstacles, develop better communication with your team and your clients,  and we help you conduct new approaches and stay focused and motivated no matter the circumstances.