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PR & Communications Services

Benefit from our vast network of media contacts and achieve success by telling the best story of your product/service. Our stories create brands.

Public relations and media consulting

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External PR

We build your brand’s reputation through effective media exposure, educating and inspiring your existing and potential clients.

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Internal PR

We create campaigns that motivate and excite your team, facilitate recruitment processes, and improve employee retention.

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Crisis Management

We anticipate and strategically solve PR crises to preserve your brand’s hard-fought reputation on the market.

These are some of the PR services we offer to established brands and emerging businesses:

● Assessing your communication strategy and suggesting improvements

● Media coverage: creating original texts in different languages

● Preparing speakers for interviews, presentations, and conferences

● Speech writing for public appearances

● Creating content for your brand’s internal communication

● Designing PR materials like pamphlets, brochures, and newsletters

What’s the difference between PR and marketing?

While the main goal of marketing is to improve sales, PR is primarily focused on building your brand’s reputation.

Both methods contribute to better brand positioning and increased competitiveness. However, compared to marketing, PR is a strategy that’s much more subtle. Also, creating a vast network of media contacts brings measurable benefits to your business, both on the financial and reputational levels.

Why is PR important for your business?

If you fail to communicate your brand’s offer and value, your business will stagnate, while the lack of a crisis management plan exposes your brand to a risk that can undermine all your efforts.

On the other hand, poor team communication can negatively impact overall productivity, turning away top talent instead of attracting them.

PR is no longer something that only vast operations and conglomerates need to worry about. Public relations and reputation management are equally important for the success of small and medium-sized companies and professionals because it helps to:


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